Know Before You Own – Wooden Cots

Have you ever imagined during your pregnancy, about the cosy scene of a newborn baby sleeping peacefully in their wooden cot? Several times, right? A wooden cot is an absolute necessity when welcoming a newborn life. The choice of the perfect wooden cot for your baby may be difficult given the wide range of styles and options available today. So, it is best to choose a wooden cot that suits your budget and features you value most.

Top Brands like Star And Daisy understands the need for wooden cots in life, and insists on providing safe and affordable products with high standard value! This way the children and parents of every family can enjoy the comfort and convenience of wooden cots.

How To Choose A Perfect Wooden Cot

Let the search for the greatest wooden cot begin! Here are some key cot features to help you get started.

Safety Standards: These requirements got enhanced a lot in 2021, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with the latest Cot safety standards before shopping. A safe cot should have a firm, tight-fitting mattress, no missing or broken hardware or slats, and no cuts in the headboard or footrest,

Falling Edge or Fixed Edge? 

Traditionally, wooden cots have fixed sides, single-lower sides or double-lower sides, which can slide down or fold down. Although the drop is considered convenient, history tells us that they have serious safety problems. So at this time, you should look for a wooden cot with a fixed side.

Casters: The wheel is a very useful feature. Check the casters to make sure they are not fragile. When babies are 3 or 4 months old, you may want them to be in a cot. If you fall in love with a wooden cot without wheels, you can buy furniture casters at a hardware store and install them yourself.

Baby Cot Mattress Height and Support :

Except for the cheapest cot, all mattresses are adjustable. It can make the mattress in the cot higher so that you can gently lie down the sleeping newborn and then lower the baby that can be pulled up. At least two mattresses are of good height, and three are better. 

2 Best Wooden Cots For Babies In 2021

This comes with a three-level adjustment: first-level mode, a newborn bed about 55 cm off the ground can accompany him/her to sleep soundly. These come with safety wheels and are manufactured with the fillet grinding process, that maximises toddler’s safety.

This organic crib is made from New Zealand pinewood and is free of toxic paints and chemicals, making it safe and comfortable for your child. It has braking wheels, allowing you to transport it between rooms with ease.

Final Words:

When your little one grows up, you may use the Star And Daisy wooden baby’s cot as a toddler bed. It comes with two different base heights as well as a dropside for easier access. The fixed side panel can be rotated to create a low side for further safety when converted to a toddler bed.