Know Before You Own – Breast Pumps

Breast milk, as we all know, is the best food for babies. Within 4 to 6 months, it can almost completely meet all of a baby’s nutritional requirements. Breast pumps are the ultimate times saver, when it comes to today’s fast moving generation! There are several types and quality breast pumps available in the market. 

Due to the prominent brands like Star And Daisy, you will find several launched breast pumps for babies. But which one should you buy? Don’t worry as this guide will assist the new mothers to find suitable breast pumps aptly! Let’s first consider the points to keep in mind before buying a breast pump!

Things to Consider Before Buying Breast Pumps:

  1. Practical Convenience: Some breast pumps have super strong suction power, ranging from 5 to 10 stages, but if you already feel pain when pumping, you should lower it by one stage to get the most suitable suction power. In addition to the basic “massage” and “pumping” functions, simple operation can make breast pumping easier.
  1. Quietness: The sound of the breast pump must be considered; after all, if you wake up the baby in the middle of the night, you will be more tired. It is recommended to choose below 60 decibels, which is less sound than air-conditioning.
  1. Fit and Comfortable: The suction power of the breast pump comes from whether the horn cover is suitable; too large will cause poor breast pumping effect, and too small will cause the nipple to be broken and swollen. Moms can measure the diameter of the nipple and add 2-3mm, which is the most suitable size for the horn cover. Common speaker cover sizes are 24mm-30mm. The horn cover needs a silicone latex pad to reduce friction and discomfort.
  1. Easy to Carry Around: If you are a mom who often goes out or goes to work, refer to the weight of the machine and the charging method. Choose a breast pump weighing less than 250g and a USB rechargeable or lithium battery. The shape of the main unit can be longer and better.

Mom’s Favourite Breast Pumps Of The Year

Milk cleanliness is ensured by anti-backflow protection that separates the milk from the air, and leakage can be efficiently prevented by using a soft breast pad that exactly fits the form of your breasts. The digital display includes a memory button, timer, and illumination for convenient tracking and recording of pump sessions in any pumping situation. This feature allows you to save your preferred pumping pattern.

You’ll also get a box of Dr DuDu’s bottle in addition to the smart StarAndDaisy Breast Pump. They are far superior to any other bottle on the market since they can be attached directly to a breast pump and used for direct feeding.

Premium Single breast pump with digital display includes a memory button, timer, and illumination for convenient tracking and recording of pump sessions in any pumping situation.

Wrapping Up

A Breast pump like this can be a lifesaver if you’re tired of painful breastfeeding experiences or simply don’t want to breastfeed when you’re out and about. In terms of this specific breast pump, we believe your chosen breast pump becomes your best partner. Moreover, to buy such comfortable and simple-to-use maternity products, visit here.